Welcome to N.T. Bearing Website

N.T. BEARING COMPANY (NTB) has been established in Hong Kong since 1990 and changed the name to be N.T. BEARING COMPANY LIMITED in 2008, NTB is a diversified bearings supplier. In addition to supplying different worldwide famous brands of bearings, we supply good quality hydraulic packings and seals, oil-seals, O-rings, oil control valves, oil pumps, truck auto parts, lubricants etc. Moreover, we also provide professional advice for the above products for our clients.

Our business is continuously growing and developing due to the support from different clients and manufacturers and our philosophy "Sufficient, Genuine & Fair Prices; Efficient, Reliable & Good Services". We are also pleased to listen to the suggestions and advice from our clients for improvement. Nowadays, we have opened branch and sales offices in different provinces in China.